As you guys probably know, taking the natural/pure/organic route in life has become one of the biggest trends during the past few years. Whether it’s for health reasons, ethical reasons, or whatever else, it’s expanding fast.

Vegan bloggers are taking over with their million dollar platforms, Yogis are shamelessly doing their Vriksasana poses in the airport gates, and most of us have at least one friend who just came back from a spiritual retreat in Costa Rica.

Oh, and the most trending documentary on NetFlix is called “Forks over Knives”.

I mean we all know the NetFlix trending page is basically an accurate reflection of our society’s mindset at any given point, so this says a lot about our current state if you ask me.

Now, what most people would expect, is that it peaks and dies out and the few people left behind who continue preaching about coconut oil, well, they slowly disappear in shame and hide their jars in the back of the cabinet in fear of being accused of being “so 2016”. But honestly, I just don’t see that happening this time around.

And yes, I get it. These vegan Yogi clean-living people can be quite intimidating. It may seem strict and unachievable for the average person who still enjoys a good burger on the weekends, and it may seem unappealing to scrub your face with crushed coffee beans instead of chemical peels only to rub plant oil on it afterwards.

That’s why I’ve now spent the past few years embracing this shit like no other, and although it has been a rough journey, I’m finally starting to feel like I’ve got most of this shit down. Like, I’ve gone from eating chocolate for dinner to now hoarding plant based milks and soaking chia seeds like a Goddess, even appreciating the chewy kale chunks in my rushed morning smoothies. It’s been quite a change.
Like I took my lifestyle so far that I accidentally cleansed four of my chakras without even realizing. It was major.

So I now know what works, what doesn’t work, what’s overrated and which trends are being treated like that Delevingne sister who no one knows the name of even though she’s fucking flawless.

And guess what, I’m ready to take it a step further and actually share my knowledge and experiences with the world, aka internet.

So to finish this off: welcome to what will be the most brutally honest and detailed no-bullshit health blog, where you will find everything you need to get started too. 

I’m excited.

So uhmm… bye?