For those of you who follow astrology, or are struggling with a horoscope addiction, you’re probably aware that we all have different signs for each planet in the solar system.

So your “Zodiac” is really just one of the planets, specifically the sun.

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Now, when getting into astrology it can be confusing as fuck to try to understand birth charts and all that, which is why most people either pay for professional astrology readings or just stick to reading a sun sign horoscope here and there.

Often you’ll find that your two Gemini friends are completely different personalities, your Scorpio friend doesn’t really act like one, and you don’t feel much of a connection to your own Zodiac.

It’s because these signs are merely your Sun sign, and there are nine other planets with different signs, making up who you are.

So for those of you want to understand yourselves more, yet don’t know where exactly to start, in this post we’ll go through the most important signs – the sun, the moon and your rising.

The reason these are the main signs to start with, is because they make up the essence of who you are, without getting too complicated.

The Sun represents what you want, The Moon represents what you need, and your Rising represents how you’ll go about getting it.

The Sun – What You Want

Your Sun Sign dictates the basics of your personality, the core of who you are.

This is also why it’s the most important influence in your birth chart, and why horoscopes generally only ask for your Sun sign.

The Sun Sign will touch on your interests, goals and values, giving you a basic idea of your personality.

The Moon – What You Need

Your Moon Sign is considered to be the second most important influence after the Sun, as it represents the inner part of you.

This goes for your emotions, your mood, and hidden feelings.

It’s the same meaning as in Tarot readings when you get the Moon card, you always know the reading will be about your inner needs and the parts you’re hiding from the world – your “shadow side”.

Some people connect more with their Moon Signs because they might be more on the sensitive side, but regardless, knowing your Moon Sign will allow you to understand your inner self and the parts of you that you prefer not to show to others.

Your Rising – How You Will Get It

Your Rising Sign is also known as your Ascendant Sign, and it represents the part of you that you consciously show to the people around you.

It’s about how you operate, how you choose to go about doing things, and will give you insight in how you act on the wants and needs of your Sun and Moon.

Your Rising Sign also gives you an idea of how other people perceive you, the impressions you make when interacting with the world, and your natural reactions to situations.

Now, if you don’t know your Sun, Moon and Rising signs,
here’s a link to a free online calculator that will give you a complete Astrology Portrait, as well as a insanely thorough description of each sign you get.

Astrology Portrait Calculator

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