Have you ever wondered what the real meaning behind your weird ass food cravings are? Well, turns out it’s not your lack of will power – here are the most common reasons, and it’s not what you expect.

Cravings For Chocolate

This is probably the most misunderstood craving of them all. A lot of people seem to mistake chocolate cravings for sugar cravings, claiming they either have a sugar addiction or blaming their blood sugar for why they keep having mars bars for breakfast.

Fun fact, you’re either hating your life, or low on magnesium.

Let me explain.

First, let’s talk about the mood part. A lot of the time when you’re craving chocolate, you’re actually craving serotonin. This is the body’s “happy drug”, and it creates positive feelings of satisfaction and relaxation, which is obviously essential to living a well balanced life.

Being low in magnesium has also been linked to low serotonin levels, and further increasing symptoms of depression. Dark stuff, I know.

Some serotonin sources are dark, leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, seeds, nuts and soy.

Some great magnesium sources are avocados, cashews, brazil nuts, lentils and beans, seeds and tofu.

Cravings For Salt

Usually if you’re craving salt, it’s because you’re dehydrated. Basically your body needs water, it doesn’t trust you enough to drink four litres of it, so it craves salt so that it can hold onto whatever tiny amount of water you’ll later give it.

You’ll usually have this craving when drunk, when dealing with a hangover, or during extreme periods of heat.

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On a more serious level, if the salt cravings continue despite drinking enough water, you could be deficient in calcium. Please remember that milk will not provide you with calcium, and go for kale instead. There’s also Chia seeds and leafy greens like spinach and kale.

Click here to read the whole milk and calcium situation.

Craving For Red Meat

Chances are, you’re low on Iron.

A lot of vegetarians and vegans will experience this craving and fear the worst, that red meat is a natural part of the human diet, but luckily that’s bullshit.

Craving red meat really just means you’re low on iron, which means there are endless ways to get it that don’t involve animals.

Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe was craving red meat like fuck and kept eating Joey’s meat sandwiches? Despite being a hard core vegetarian?

Yeah, she could have just gone for hummus.

Chickpeas, spinach, beans and lentils are some great sources of iron, and will be even more satisfying than choosing meat, because they don’t make you feel like shit by taking three days to digest like meat does.

Also, kale and red wine.

Whenever your life falls apart and you don’t know what to do, kale and wine will always have your back.

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Weird Ass Cravings and What They Really Mean

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