Packed With Hormones

When it comes to hormones and dairy, it doesn’t matter if you buy organic or not. All dairy, including “without added hormones”, already includes a shit ton of natural hormones.
I mean, milk literally comes from a pregnant animal, so we shouldn’t really be surprised about the whole hormone situation.

To put it all in perspective, if you drink one glass of organic milk with “no added hormones”, you will be consuming over 60 different hormones.

You know how your skin suffers when you’re hormonal? Well, this isn’t helping.

Some of the hormones you’ll find in milk include: progesterone, testosterone, insulin, insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2, androstenedione, 5a-pregnanedione, and a 50+ more that are even longer and harder to pronounce.

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I’m usually pro-most-stuff, but inflammation is not one of them.

Most of us are probably consuming Matcha tea, ginger, a touch of turmeric here and there, because we know about their anti-inflammatory benefits.

Milk, however, is actually PRO-inflammation.
Not just that, it’s one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat, being often directly linked to poor skin quality because of the type of protein it has.

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Fucks With Your Digestion

Did you know that dairy is extremely hard to digest, intolerance or not?
Around 65% of the human population is actually lactose intolerant, which rises to around 90% in some countries.

I feel like this is some pretty obvious signs that we should not be consuming this stuff. But hey, what do I know.

Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, and lactose really does fuck with your digestion, which is one of the main functions that keeps you healthy by constantly removing toxins.

Bad digestion = high level of toxins = skin suffers

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Pro-cancer Growth

As if pro-inflammation wasn’t bad enough, dairy is also known for promoting the cancer-growth factor “IGF-1”.

It’s pretty common knowledge among patients in remission that they should stick to a daiy-free diet to decrease the chance of the cancer returning, yet marketing campaigns will continue to focus on the whole calcium conent instead to earn money.

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Dairy Does NOT Contain Calcium

This is probably the biggest lie the entire world has believed, but it’s now becoming more apparent that milk does not contain calcium, and does not strengthen your bones…

Our lives have been a lie.

Basically, milk is acidic and affects your body PH levels which makes your body release calcium from your bones, into the blood, to neutralize the effect of the milk.

So yes, drinking milk will cause higher levels of calcium in your blood, yet what the marketing campaigns forget to mention is that this calcium is coming from you, not from the milk.

Sadly, the calcium will not be returning to your bones after this process finishes, but will instead be expelled through your urine.

So the more milk you drink, the higher calcium deficiency you will have.

This is why the countries with the lowest intake of milk have the lowest amount of osteoporosis, while the countries with the highest intake of milk have the highest amount of osteoporosis.

PS: If you want your calcium, just eat some spinach. Not acidic.

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Dairy Is Why Your Skin Sucks #Exposed

  1. This was so helpful and interesting to read! I have been wanting to quit dairy for a while now and I think you’ve just totally convinced me. My skin is going through a phase right now where it wants to be clear for a few months and then it wants to pay me back for all of the dairy products I’ve been eating. It sucks. But maybe I do need to quit my dairy intake and see if that helps with my skin. Thanks for the read.

    I love your writing voice/style, btw πŸ™‚


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