Tired of seeing rainbow lattes on your feed, unsure of which ones are worth your attention? Because same.

Here’s a guide to which ones to get and which ones to ignore.

#1 Green Matcha Lattes

Ah, Green Matcha lattes. The drink that started it all.

The Green Matcha is the purest form of green tea you can get. While most teas are made by soaking the leaves in warm water and throwing it out, Matcha is basically made by pulverizing the leaves and drinking every last bit.

In short: You’re drinking the nutrients you paid for instead of throwing it in the trash.

Obviously, this has its benefits, like the fact that one cup of Matcha contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of brewed green tea.
Is your mind blown?
It should be.

Just a few of the nutrients are: fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins (especially vitamin C), selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium,

…and some of the benefits include: enhances mood, concentration and focus, strengthens immune system, prevents diseases and infections, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, rich in antioxidants (specifically polyphenols) which means it curbs heart disease, fights cancer, promotes blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction anti-aging properties)

Then there’s the Pro we all care about: Caffeine

Ironically, the first thing people tell me when I mention Matcha is that they’ll never give up coffee and no amount of meditation and herbs will convince them otherwise.
Well, I have good news for you: With Matcha, you’re not giving it up, you’re leveling it up.

Not only does it have up to three times as much caffeine as coffee, but it’s also going to provide you with an “alert calmness” that lasts for up to seven hours without the spike-and-crash that coffee gives you.
It also contains L-theanine which is a natural mood enhancer and improves concentration.

If you’re still not convinced Matcha will change the quality of your current existence, you also have access to the thicker version called Koicha, which is basically double the caffeine.

#2 Blue Matcha Lattes

Remember everything I said about the caffeine in Matcha?
Well, if that made you cringe then good news, there’s a caffeine free version too.

This one is actually not made from green tea at all, but rather the dried flowers of the butterfly pea plant.
Exotic, I know.

It lacks the benefits of antioxidants and caffeine but instead will improve memory and reduce stress, so it’s not all bad.

Most people just drink it for obvious Instagram reasons, so there’s that.

#3 Turmeric Lattes

The reason Turmeric lattes have finally become a thing is basically because it makes it so much more drinkable. It’s one of the healthiest spices, and using it in lattes will take the flavor from bitter and pungent to a calm, pleasant earthy taste.

Turmeric actually comes from the ginger family, and it’s been used for literally thousands of years to prevent and cure diseases.

More specifically, some of the benefits include: it promotes a balanced mood, improves cholesterol levels, balances blood sugar, inhibits ulcers from forming, soothes irritated tissue, relieves joint pain and stiffness, aids in healing wounds, prevents early aging and liver disease, reduces symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, viral infections, etc.

I’m just going to stop the list here, but you get my point.
The benefits of Turmeric are pretty much limitless.

#4 Charcoal lattes

Take “black coffee” to a whole new level with Activated Charcoal lattes.

Ok, this one is a bit more controversial, so I’m going to give you a quick run-down on the situation.

Basically, Activated Charcoal is known for being detoxifying, which makes these lattes a great hangover cure, digestive cleanser along with its anti-inflammatory effects.

The “experts” however will continue to claim that detoxifying is unnecessary and that there are no real benefits to it, due to the fact that your body is continuously removing toxins on its own.

Confused? Me too.

What the “experts” don’t care to mention, however, is that activated charcoal is actually used in the treatment of drug overdoses and poisoning, because of its natural ability to bind to chemicals and remove them, therefore reducing absorption.

So it’s basically used as a magnet for toxins, along with increasing HDL cholesterol and improving cognitive issues.

So people will continue to claim that detoxifying is unnecessary, but that does not mean it doesn’t have benefits.
It’s a want vs need situation.

But in any case, whether you care about toxins or not, it’s still the perfect drink to order when you’re feeling dramatic AF and want to let the world know.

Nothing says “unapproachable” like sitting alone in a café drinking pulverized charcoal like it’s juice.

Just post it on your Instagram story along with a Bukowski quote to signal that you’re not to be approached for the rest of the day.
It’s great.

Disclaimer: If you’re on any medication, consult with a doctor before chugging charcoal. As I said, it binds to chemicals and reduces absorption, whether it’s tequila or anti-depressants. 

#5 Pink, Purple, and Red Lattes

Unless you need them for aesthetic Instagram reasons, you can just skip these.

They’re basically just caffeine free lattes colored with flower leaves or root vegetables, and the benefits rarely outweigh the price.

The only reason the pink lattes have gained attention is because Starbucks began promoting that shit like no other, then James Charles got involved with his whole “pinkity drinkity” situation in a weak attempt to relate to his younger followers and make up for his latest Twitter scandal.

Health-wise, you’re better off eating a pear.

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