Are you suffering from chronic job stress?
To ensure 2019 becomes the year we all get our shit together, here are the major signs you’re headed for a burnout, before it’s too late.

This is actually important because high achievers and type A personalities are at much higher risk of suffering from a burnout at some point in their career. They tend to add on the working hours, take on too many tasks, and generally put an insane amount of pressure on themselves to not only perform, but be the absolute best.

If you are headed for a burnout, chances are you won’t even see it coming, because you’re literally busy working and blaming yourself for being as good as you were last year.

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Poor Job Performance

Let’s start with the most obvious one.
Your performance is either going downhill or it just straight out sucks.

You find yourself reminiscing back on the early days, how you used to walk into the office knowing you were there to blow their Goddamn minds that day, but now find yourself performing below average (ew) no matter what you set your mind to.

To make matters even worse, you end up investing extra time and effort performing your tasks only to end up with others having to pick up your slack.

Basically, the whole workplace suffers because of your shit performance, and no matter how much you try, you’re now stuck being that asshole.

Frequently Missing Work

Have you spent your whole life maintaining high standards in everything you do, being on time and prepared to every single meeting you’ve ever attended, only to suddenly find yourself being chronically late to work?

Trust me, I know how much that realization sucks.

If you find yourself sitting at the Starbucks across the street from the office, scowling at the entrance door while drafting a text to your boss about being stuck in traffic, then it’s definitely time to reevaluate.

Research shows that those who are suffering from a burnout are actually more likely to be regularly late to work, despite the fact that they’re likely to be there the overachieving, dedicated people with insanely high standards.

So if you keep catching yourself looking for excuses to miss work, then take it as a warning sign before you have no standards left in your life.

Persistent Cynicism At Work

This one goes beyond just hating your colleagues, because let’s face it, in most workplaces you will have good reasons to.

But if Lisa in the reception hands you a coffee and your instinct is to react with suspicion, then you’re most likely losing it. If you proceed to discreetely throw said coffee away while muttering “trust no one…”  under your breath, then it’s time for a vacation.

Workplace cynicism is characterized by frequent frustration and pessimism towards work tasks and colleagues, which often leads to isolation. You’ll be walking around the office just waiting for someone to fuck you over somehow, and you’ll get to a point where you sure as hell wouldn’t trust Lisa with making your coffee.

Sounds familiar?
Because I can recommend a month in Bali.

Inability To Stop Thinking About Work

The times you don’t show up, you find yourself constantly thinking about work.

Have you ever taken a day off work and made plans to have a quiet lunch at La Scala, only to find that you can’t even taste your $70 Goat Cheese salad because you’re obsessively refreshing your work email and making mental notes for tomorrow?

Did you end up with four Prosseccos and seven passive aggressive email drafts?

Thinking about work in your free time is not a problem in itself, but if these thoughts are based on negative emotions like stress and feelings of dreas, or if they keep you from enjoying your daily activities, then it’s a huge sign.
Those salads are made to be enjoyed, not devoured.

Especially if you start feeling guilty for taking your Sunday off because there’s still stuff to be done at work. That’s just dark.

Loss Of Enjoyment In Daily Activities

In addition to being an early sign of a burnout, this is also commonly associated with depression, and should not be taken lightly.

Increased Irritability

Be honest with yourself – are you acting like a raging bitch?
Are you taking your stress out on the people you care about?

How long is it since you snapped at someone for breathing just a tad too loudly?

I know, I know. Their breathing seemed unnecessary in the moment, but your reaction is still another warning sign of a burnout.

When you’re feeling like you don’t have control over anything, I get that it’s easy to take it out on those around you, but that’s what wine is for.

Being so overwhelmed by your own issues and exhaustion that the most minor annoyances cause you to snap is not going to end well, so keep your insane irritability to yourself and accept the fact that you need a break.

Perpetual Exhaustion

Do you feel like you can never get enough sleep?
Do you wake up exhausted every day?
Does it feel as if sleeping makes you even more tired than not sleeping, so there’s literally no escape from the tiredness?

Did these questions make you even more tired and irritated because really I’m just unnecessarily repeating myself?

When you get to a point of exhaustion that not even sleep can fix, it’s because you’re officially reaching the end of your resources. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and yes, even spiritually.

Stop reaching for the Ambien, and don’t fool yourself into thinking this is going to end well if you just “keep going”.
It’s time take the signs seriously and start taking care of yourself.

Hate to break it to you, but you’ve now reached a point where no amount of Adderall can save you.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

Another sign is that you simply don’t have the capacity to make health a priority, and you keep jumping on short term solutions to get through the day.

You want to have a life where you wake up to a green smoothie and feel great as you head off for your 5am Yoga class, but it’s just too far out of reach and if you start now it will take weeks before you see any effect or improvement in your shitty life.

So instead you pop a Xanax, down a five shot Americano and pray that Steven brought enough Coke to the office.

Physical Symptoms

Frequent headaches, back pain, low energy levels, chest pains, etc… Sound familiar?

You might think you’re just getting old, but if these symptoms hit suddenly, then chances are you’re overexerting yourself and headed towards a burnout.

Once you’re experiencing physical symptoms that should not be side effects of your frequent drug habits, it’s literally one of the biggest warning signs that you’re running out of resources.

You’re not just stressing yourself out, you’re stressing your body out, and it needs to stop.

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