Ever wondered what it’s like to water fast? Here’s a quick guide through one of the most used pre-fashion week methods for models. Can’t recommend.

To start off the health section, I’ve decided to break the ice and jump straight into the cold, hard truth.
Disclaimer: The diet posted here is not aimed towards achieving the peak of health, reducing risk of disease nor does it promote any sort of emotional stability. I take no responsibility for anything, just like in life.

Fasting is the act of abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink.

Obviously this means that most diets fall into the “fasting” category. Just to list a few variations, we have juice fasting, water fasting, fruit fasting, tea fasting, intermittent fasting, carb fasting… the list is long so I’m just gonna stop here.

But to kick this section off, we’ll be talking about full on, not a single fucking calorie-fasting.

Benefits Of Fasting

This is, and always will be, the fastest way to lose those extra lbs, sharpen up your cheek bones and clear up your skin. Generally it’s something we use before important shows, events or leading up to your first agency meeting of the season.

I have yet to meet a model who has done full on water fasting, as we all tend to fill up on either green tea, coffee (black, obviously) and other ehm… smokable/snortable/non-caloric substances.

The way I see it, pure water fasting is for health freaks and vegans. Coffee never killed anyone, but lack of coffee however…

The non-superficial benefits are also many:

Fasting reduces risk of cancer, improves brain health, lowers risk of heart disease, preserves muscle tissue, keeps your metabolism healthy, reduces oxidative stress, reduces blood glucose levels, lowers blood pressure, just to name a few.

“Umm so like, how do I do this?”

Good news: it’s really not that complicated.

You just do it.

Right before my first fashion week in Milan, I spent four days drinking black coffee and wandering the city, and legit lost like 7lbs. I was young, dedicated as fuck, and ended up with a standing ovation from the booking table after they took my measurements. My cheek bones never looked better.





Bonus tips:

1. I recommend cutting down on social encounters during this time, or you’ll likely end up with a few enemies by the time you start eating again.

2. Stay busy, get out in the city, read books, watch Netflix. Constantly stimulate your mind and you’ll forget the point of food altogether.

3. Keep in mind the health benefits of fasting. You can even go as far as to act like a vegan hippie for a few days just to feel less crazy. My friend Ashley will literally stop wearing makeup, combine it with a “social media detox” as she calls it, and you’ll usually find her sitting in the woods smoking a joint and exploring the power of mantras.

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