#1 Phillips Sun Alarm Clock

Do you have more than ten alarms each morning because you know you’ll be snoozing nine of them?
Do you finally get up only to realize you’re now late, exhausted and pissed because you’ve spent the past hour trying to sleep through the hell that is your alarm?

See, that was me a few years ago, up until the point this bright, shining piece of Goddamn art entered my life.
I swear it just straight out made me a better person.

With the Phillips Sun Alarm Clock, you’ll not only wake up on the first attempt, but you’ll feel fresh as hell.
It mimics the sun to the point where it starts rising half an hour before your alarm goes off, making your body slowly prepare for waking up while you’re still asleep.

In addition to this, every single sound is calming and soft, because they know the bright ass light will wake you up regardless.

However, if you for any reason do not turn this thing off, shit will escalate. The nature sounds and chirping birds will slowly become louder, until your eyes are burning with blinding lights and it sounds like you’re being attacked by a flock of aggressive pigeons.

So it gives you a soft wake up call, but if you don’t appreciate it, it sure as hell won’t let you miss work.

#2 Beats Headset

If you don’t own a Bluetooth headset, I advise you to make this the year you join the party.
The moment I switched to the Beats headset was the moment I truly realized how much cords have completely and utterly ruined my days and holding me back in life.

The feeling of blasting music on the Beats headphones while making coffee in the morning is life changing. Knowing that you can maneuver around the kitchen without accidentally pulling a cord and breaking your screen – that is freedom right there.

Being able to walk into a pub late at night to get some work done on your laptop and have the option of blocking out everything around you

Having the option of blocking out everything around you with a sound proof headset – that’s freedom.
(Kids screaming on metro, preachers in the street, etc.)

With these you can sit down right next to the live piano at your local pub, put on the Beats and you’ll forget humanity even exists. You’ll never be distracted again and your work will thank you for it.
Oh, and the color selection is great.

(Pro tip from the Apple guy who sold me these: if you wear makeup, never buy the white ones)

#3 Kindle Paperwhite

There’s so much to say about the Kindle Paperwhite I don’t even know where to start.

The screen feels and looks like actual paper (obviously), but they’ve now added backlighting into the screen that you can adjust whenever you want, or just turn off completely.

This means that you can read in direct sunlight without any reflection, you can read in bed without needing an additonal light source, again, freedom.

In addition to this, you can carry thousands of books with you at all times, instantly download free samples at the click of a button, giving you access to the first few chapters of any book you want to read.

Oh, and there’s also the dictionary. Click any word and you get the definition, usage, and examples. You can add any language dictionary, which means learning a new language just became so much easier.

Last point: the fucking highlights.
Highlight whatever you want, whether it’s a word, sentence, paragraph, several pages – everything will be automatically collected into it’s own list. So whenever you’re feeling uninspired in life, just hop into your highlight section and read through all the quotes you’ve ever saved.

#4 SuperJare Bed Desk

Want to know a secret?
Everything I’ve written on this website has been in bed using a laptop table and drinking oat milk lattes.
You can use it as a breakfast table, laptop table, it really doesn’t matter.

Suddenly you working hours went from 9-5, to 6-11.
You’re welcome.

#5 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

You’ve probably heard the breaking news that Starbucks is planning to remove all plastic straws by the year 2020 [LINK].

We all know it’s time to give up plastic straws.
No one is saying you should give up straws all together, because obviously they’re one of our few joys in life, but it is definitely time that we all switch to reusable ones.

If Starbucks can stop bothering the turtles, then so can we.


#6 Tayeka Cold Brew Maker

Speaking of Starbucks, those overpriced coffee runs add up like crazy.

Not long ago I was stuck in the longest line and to make time pass I made the mistake of adding up what one cold brew per day would cost me per year.

The next day I bought the Tayeka Cold Brew Maker and I’ve never looked back.

#7 Vacuum Sealing Wine Stopper

I feel like you guys are starting to get a pretty good picture of my life right now.
It’s pretty much centered around working as much as possible, coffee, wine, and being comfortable.

So I’m going to share something very personal here.
*Deep breaths*

Ok. So for the majority of my wine drinking life there has always been an underlying feeling of restriction, of something holding me back.

There was an inescapable internal dialogue that was making me veer away from anything with a cork (AKA half the selection), because I knew it would be a source of stress, worry, and in some cases, anxiety.

“Will you be able to finish the whole bottle?”
Should you finish the whole bottle?”
“Are you destroying the expensive wine by not finishing the whole bottle?”
“Again, should you finish the whole bottle?”

Enter: The Vacuum Sealing Wine Stopper

Gone are the days where you wake up to a half finished bottle of expensive wine that now tastes as if it’s personally attacking you.
Gone are the days where you beg your friends to just have “one more glass” because “there’s more left and you guys know we never waste good wine, come ON, someone has to step up here!

This thing is so easy to use and will absolutely improve the quality of your current wine drinking existence. Just pop it on, pump out the air, and you can fall asleep knowing that the wine will be in peak condition whenever you decide to open it again.

#8 ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Call me crazy, but I don’t think people fully understand how freshly cleaned floors can change your life until it slaps you in the face on a daily basis.

Coming home to a vacuumed floor every single day is an experience in itself. There’s something about it that makes you instantly feel more relaxed, more accomplished, and you just feel like you have you shit together even thought you don’t.

This machine is slow as hell because it just keeps going until it bumps into something (least efficient way of vacuuming), but if you put it on whenever you leave for work then you won’t care that it spent eight hours making your house spotless.

#9 Glacio Giant Ice Cube Tray

Ok, here’s another secret.

I fucking despise crushed ice.

The way it melts too fast, the stress of taking a sip and never quite knowing when a tiny piece of cold ice will enter your mouth, forcing you to make the spontaneous decision of either chewing it or discretely spitting it out into a napkin.

Despise it.

I feel like some of you are nodding as you read this, and if you are, these King Cuber Ice Trays will change your life.
They’re perfect for any drink you want chilled whether it’s Whiskey, cold brew coffee, iced tea – it really doesn’t matter.

Also, the giant cube melts even slower due to its size so there so there’s no time pressure to “drink while it’s cold”, not to mention the fact that it’s so much more Instagrammable than the normal ones.

#10 HyperChiller Cooling Cup

To continue on the whole cold drink scenario, I do realize that giant ice cubes aren’t for everyone.
Maybe you still hate ice regardless of size, maybe you don’t like having to wait eight hours for your ice cubes to freeze, or maybe you’re just not a fan.

Enter: The HyperChiller Cooling Cup.

I don’t have too much to say on this other than it does what it says.
It’s perfect for traveling or when you’re running late and just want an iced drink.
Basically whenver you don’t have access to a freezer, just pour hot coffee into this cup and within minutes you have an iced coffee.

It’s magical.

#11 SodaStream

Last secret: I don’t actually own one, but enough people in my network do and I end up using theirs on a daily basis.
As a former Pellegrino addict, I can honestly say this is also life changing.

There’s not much to it other than the fact that it adds bubbles to non-bubble liquids.

Pro tip: add bubbles to a flat white wine and it tastes like Champagne. No joke.

#12 FullStar Vegetable Slicer

This majestic beast entered my life last year and I’ve never been more efficient in the kitchen.

Basically, last year I was sneaking into the kitchen to steal some tea at work, and I walked in on our office chef using this vegetable chopper, making the most gigantic cubed salad I’ve ever seen in my life. Literally took him like 30 seconds.
Let’s just say I’ve been in love ever since (with the machine, not the chef).

Mostly I’ll use it before steaming vegetables which I’ll then either eat cubed o blend into a soup, but it’s also been great for fruit bowls.

#13 KOIOS Stick Blender

This may sound strange, but yes. A stick blender has absolutely changed my life for the better.

I realized this a few months ago when I left the country for a few weeks, and for the first time I forgot to bring the blender.

Gone were my morning smoothies, gone were my evening soups, and gone was the fluffiness in my guacamole.
Honestly, I feel uncomfortable just talking about it.

It was a strange time.

More than that, what I find the most surprising when I think about it, is the fact that it’s the only stick blender I’ve ever had. After eight years of regular use, there’s no noticable difference in performance.

It will never let you down.

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